Fostering a puppy and the peaceful pooch spray!

Fostering a puppy and the peaceful pooch spray!

So my husband and I rescued dogs and adopted them for the past 20 years.  

We have had a Chocolate Lab that stayed with us for her 13 years and helped me raised our babies.  A pitbull who my daughters dressed up with tutu's and crowns. Now we have two great danes and they are a true joy here on the farm.  I love the great dane rescue. 

Recently, I saw a puppy at our city shelter and he was all alone in the kennels.  

I asked and found out he had been there for 4 weeks! 

After a week of begging for me to foster him (something my small city doesnt do) they gave in and handed me his paperwork and the puppy.  

I was determined to find him a home within the weekend!

I brought him home and he played with the Great Danes, and my daughters basketball team (which we were hosting a party for that night).  Oh, and he chased the goats!!!!! 

That night I got his kennel ready with blankets and toys and sprayed my peaceful pooch blend in with him.  He was so sad to be put by himself again but quickly got comfortable and feel fast asleep. 

Peaceful Pooch Spray for Anxious Dogs – Be here now and live

The next morning, I had a booth at the local farmers market and brought the adorable pup with me hoping I could find him a perfect family.  

I had so much interest about him, I had the papers and told people he was free BUT he must go to a great family!

After several interest of maybes and oh so cute (and also trying to sale my products) I found the one who could not walk away! She spent an hour with him and then SHE SAID YES!!!!!

She left the market to go buy a crate and puppy food and a collar. I took him back home and we waited for his new momma to come and get him.  

My kids were so happy to be able to play with him again!  

And sure-enough she came with a car full of puppy supplies and ready to take him away to meet the dog she already has. She sent me photos of the next few days to show me how happy he was.    

So, within 24 hours, I found a home for a lovely pup that had sadly been stuck in a kennel for so long.  


With all that said, please consider fostering or adopting your next pup.  It truly makes a difference.  If your dog gets anxious, please try the peaceful pooch spray.  I created this spray for my great danes who hated the morning times because they knew we were all leaving.  So, after research on essential oils and dogs I designed the spray as it is now.  I spray on their beds and our couches before I leave to help them with their anxiety. 

Peaceful Pooch Spray for Anxious Dogs – Be here now and live




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