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Aries Zodiac Horoscope Essential Oil Roller with crystals and dried flowers

Aries Zodiac Horoscope Essential Oil Roller with crystals and dried flowers

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Inspired by the passion, motivation and confidence of the Aries personality, this blend uniquely captures
this sign’s unique spirit. Roll this lovely scent onto the perfume points of the body. Perfect for those
born between March 21 to April 19!

This 10 ml glass roller bottle includes the following hand selected essential oils, crystals and botanicals
blended together in a coconut oil base:
Clary Sage – enhances the mood by promoting relaxation, clarity and calm
Lavender – removes negative and anxious feelings
Neroli – elevates the mood while easing stress, pain and inflammation
A hint of peppermint – to reflect that Aries energy
Aquamarine crystal – release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.
Rose quartz crystal – Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. It's said to boost feelings of self-love and foster loving relationships with others.
Amethyst –groundedness, tranquility, and calm.
Purple forget-me-not dried flowers – reflecting the unforgettable Aries!

Essential oils are a powerful way to support our physical, emotional, even spiritual well-being. When
combined, they work together synergistically to promote the highest levels of effectiveness.
All of my products reflect the healing power of nature. I combine carefully chosen 100% pure essential
oils, hand-selected crystals and delicate botanicals to create a powerful elixir you’ll love using. Each one
comes in a mesh drawstring bag, making them great for gifts!
Every essential oil blend I create is:
* All Natural
* Vegan
* Hand-crafted on my small farm in the Hill Country of Texas!
All my products are made with love and light. I adore aromatherapy and have enjoyed researching the
power of essential oils to bring you healing, wellness and joy.

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