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Sleep Essential Roller

Sleep Essential Roller

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This sleep roller is wonderful to have on your nightstand. The lovely scent will help you go to sleep. Simply roll it on your temples and on your perfume points and breathe deeply.

The essential oils used for the sleep roller are lavender, frankincense and Ylang Ylang. Calming stones are in the roller as well as coconut oil which is a carrier oil. Lavender buds and clear quartz crystals are included to infuse relaxation.

All my products are made with love and light. I adore aromatherapy and have enjoyed researching the power of essential oils to help with common ailments.

I am a public school teacher, mom of three, wife, practitioner of Reiki and aromatherapist. I live in the hill country of Texas, outside of San Antonio. I practice Reiki in New Braunfels and sell my positive energy products at markets on the weekends.  I incorporate my love of nature in my products, typically including crystals and dried flowers. I live on three acres where we raise chickens, ducks, goats and quail. My Great Danes accompany everywhere.


Soy Wax, Glass Jar, Bamboo Lid, Wood Wick, smells that dreams are made ofQ


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